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Gripper Strip Frames are my favourite frame for punch needle rug hooking. They are a dream to work with as they enable you to stretch the fabric taut.  This is so important when you are punching because your backing needs to be tight as a drum to enable you to “punch” the needle through the backing. The tighter the backing, the easier the punch needle will go through your backing, making the craft more relaxing and reducing hand and wrist strain. Another plus of using this frame is that a taut backing produces more even stitches.

All frames are made by hand in West Wales from pine or ash.  The gripper strips are purchased from the USA and placed on the frames here in West Wales.

If you have a specific size you would like made, please email me as I am happy to make custom sized frames.


**Gripper strips on this frame is the Howard Brush EH4 which is recommended for use with linen and monk’s cloth.  It is important to have the right gripper strip or else it will not hold the fabric.

**Gripper strips on these frames can be very dangerous and you will either need to buy a cover or make your own cover from a piece of wool or flannel.  It is important to always use the cover when punching.



10″ x 10″:   £58.00  IN STOCK

12″ x 12″:   £70.00  IN STOCK

 14″ x 14″:  £95.00  IN STOCK

18″ x 18″:  £115.00  IN STOCK

Custom sizes available – please email me.


These covers are hand made from 2 layers of Winceyette Flannelette 100% Brushed Cotton, to help protect your hands and arms from the sharp gripper strips as you punch. The covers are easy to put on and take off your frame as both sides of the cover have good elastic.  I have followed Amy Oxford’s suggestion because the sharpest part of a gripper frame are the corners, so I also include four corner pads for extra cushioning.


10″ x 10″:   £24.00

12″ x 12″:   £28.00

14″ x 14″:   £33.00

18″ x 18″:   £38.00

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