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The Oxford Punch Needle, in my opinion, it is the “Rolls Royce” of punch needles.   It was designed in 1995, by Amy Oxford, a well known rug hooker from Vermont, USA.  (for more information about please read “Birth of a Punch Needle” — https://amyoxford.com/pages/birth-of-a-punch-needle).  Because of the design and functionality, the loops created by the Oxford Punch Needle are more consistent and even than other punch needles which makes it easier to use.  Another great aspect of its design is that it is easy on the hand and your hand, and who better to understand this and develop a tool than someone who is making rugs for a living.

Reasons the Oxford Punch Needle is valued and loved

  • Ergonomically Designed for Comfort and Speed
  • Maple Handle
  • Electro Polished Stainless Steel Needle
  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee
  • Designed by Punch Needle Expert Amy Oxford
  • Works Beautifully With Many Different Weights and Varieties of Yarn
  • Make Quality Hooked Rugs With the Punch Needle Method of Rug Hooking
  • Excellent for Use With Yarn, Cut Strips of Wool and Other Fabrics
  • Made in the USA

The Oxford Punch Needle comes in two different widths (Regular and Fine) and 8 different sizes listed below.

  • #8 (1/2″ loop) regular
  • #8 (1/2″ loop) fine
  • #9 (3/8″ loop) regular
  • #9 (3/8″ loop) fine
  • #10 (1/4″ loop) regular
  • #10 (1/4″ loop) fine
  • #14 “The Mini” (1/8″ loop) fine only
  • #13 “The Mini With Heels” (3/16″ loop) – fine only

Regular -The regular needle can be used with chunky 3-ply rug yarn and bulky weight knitting yarn. You can also double, triple, and quadruple finer yarns and thread them together through the punch needle at the same time. ¼” wide strip of fabric also work beautifully in the regular needle. (1/4” wide strips are the same as 8/32” strips, and these are known as a #8 cut in the rug hooking world).

Fine – The fine needle can be used with worsted weight, DK, Aran, tapestry, needlepoint yarns, and some chunky yarns that are not too bulky. Narrow strips of fabric can also be used (3/32” strips, also known as a #3 cut in the rug hooking world).


Price:  w/box: £30.00 and w/out box: £27.50 (plus postage and packing)


Monk’s cloth is 100% cotton and is the most popular backing for use with the Oxford Punch Needle. It is suitable for all sizes of Oxford Punch Needles and is also great for traditional rug hooking. Woven with a white line every two inches to help you position your pattern and stretch it evenly on your frame. This Monk’s cloth I sell has approximately 12 double threads per inch and is 74/76” wide. This width allows less waste when you are punching larger pieces or need an 18” x 18” piece of cloth.

Amy Oxford recommends: Adding 5” on each side of your pattern to make sure you have enough extra to hem your rug.

A Word About Monk’s Cloth:
This is the Monk’s cloth that Amy Oxford recommends, and it is important to recognise there are other variations of Monk’s cloth being sold (it varies in how many threads per inch) and this means you might get different results. Monk’s cloth is a very durable and forgiving fabric, allowing you to punch, un-punch and re-punch sections of your rug, without it falling apart.
Monks cloth is also known for unravelling on the edges, so it is important when you cut a piece to either surge the edges or tape them with masking tape.

Monks cloth is sourced from the USA in yards thus the reason I sell it in yards, or it can be cut to the size you need.


Price:  1/2 yard:  £16.00,    1 yard:  £32.00


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