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All wool is sourced in the United Kingdom, 3-ply chunky 100% wool yarn, hand dyed one skein at a time by myself.  Sourcing the right wool yarn and colours in the UK for chunky wool for rug hooking has not been easy and I’ve spent a lot of time exploring different wools and experimenting with dyeing.   Learning the dyeing process has been so much fun and exciting to see the colours I can create from the 3 primary colours and black.  I am working on my own palette and dye formulas, so will have new colour cards in the future.

I have provided photos of each of the colour groups of yarns, but because computer monitors show colors differently, I have decided not to have individual colours for sale on my website. My attempts at taking photos of each yarn proved tiring and difficult in my multiple attempts to get the colour right.  Ordering from a photo could also cause disappointment because the colours might not match. My colour cards are the best way to see the exact colours and to understand the thickness of the two different chunky yarns.  Once you get your colour cards, please phone or email me your order.  I do have some colours in stock but can custom-dye this for you, so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

I can provide a complete set of sample cards for the current 48 colours.

  • 4 cards featuring samples of 48 beautiful colors.
  • Each yarn sample is 14” long

The RF numbered wool (RF01) can be used with the Oxford Regular or Fine Punch Needle.  The R numbered wool (R01), is a more chunky wool and can only be used with the Oxford Regular Punch Needle.

100g Skein:  £10.95.

50g skein:   £5.50

Colour Card Set:   £20.00


It would be great to know what colours you like most.

Please email me with your favourites, any questions or suggestions on colours.


Chunky yarn for Oxford Regular

Wool Fabrics and Multicolour variegated yarns coming soon!



If you see anything you would like to purchase or have questions about any of the items for sale, please click the “Place an Order” button below.  This will provide you with all the information needed for purchasing items from my website:  For the Love of Wool.